Existential Money Questions – It’s More than Just the Numbers

I was trying to figure out potential financial topics to write about so I searched online for common financial questions. I found technical questions like the ones below from Investopedia:

  • How do you file IRS Form 709?
  • Are student loans amortized?
  • Am I losing the right to collect spousal Social Security benefits before I collect my own?
  • Is it a good idea to add a reverse mortgage to your retirement strategy?

I found credit related questions answered by a financial planner over at Business Insider:

  • What’s the best way to increase my credit rating so banks are knocking at my door with awesome offers?
  • Any tips on negotiating a lower interest rate?
  • Is it better to pay off your entire monthly balance, just the minimum, or somewhere in between?
  • Is it true you can negotiate a “pay off amount” with your credit card company if you can’t afford to pay down your whole balance?

And here are a few more interesting ones from Fox Business:

  • Should I change from monthly mortgage payments to biweekly mortgage payments?
  • Should I co-sign for a loan, and can I protect myself?
  • If my retirement accounts are fully funded, how should I invest the rest of my cash?

But it was difficult to find questions like the ones I ask about money and finances. I think my questions are probably more like social science research theses than blogging friendly questions. For example, I often wonder about the questions below:

  • How do I reconcile the fact I want more and the fact that by being a citizen of a developed country I have more than 80% of the world’s population?
  • Why would someone tie themselves to a job they dislike with golden handcuffs like a new car every year and a mortgage that keeps them up at night?
  • Is it possible to use capitalism in a way that doesn’t destroy the environment and ourselves in the process? Maybe it’s something along the lines of B Corporations, which aim to benefit the shareholder, employee, customer, and community.
  • Why do women earn less? Why does asking for a review feel more difficult than giving a professional presentation completely naked?
  • How is longstanding wage stagnation related to Trump’s election?

After my quick web search I am happy to say that the internet has space for me. I am here to discuss they many existential money questions I have. In How To Read a Book the authors state that the big questions are not really answerable. The answer lies in the discussion itself. By talking about the issues we can outline where we stand.

So let’s talk about money. Do you have any existential money questions?

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